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UDC 552.57:622.333 . Mikheeva, .N. Zhilicheva, S.I. Shtelmakh, .S. Prokopiev, .. Chikisheva,2022

ISSN 0041-5790 (Print) ISSN 2412-8333 (Online) Ugol Russian Coal Journal, 2022, S12, pp. 127-131





Mikheeva ..1, Zhilicheva .N.1, Shtelmakh S.I.1, Prokopiev .S.1, Chikisheva ..1

1Institute of the Earths crust, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, 664033, Russian Federation

Authors Information

Mikheeva .., PhD (Geol.-min.), Research Associate,

Zhilicheva .N., Postgraduate student

Shtelmakh S.I., PhD (Geol.-min.), Research Associate,

Prokopiev .S., Engineer,

Chikisheva .., PhD (Geol.-min.), Research Associate,


Today, coals can also be considered as an economic source of a number of critical elements. In the Irkutsk region, coal mining is provided by the resources of the Irkutsk coal-bearing basin. The concentrations of the main and microelements in coals and clay interlayers of the Karataevsky, Aransakhoy and Cheremkho deposits, and the dump and concentrate of the coal of the Kasyanovskaya enrichment plant were determined by X-ray fluorescence analysis. A weak Y enrichment, with an average concentration 2-3 times higher than in the average world coal, was determined in the Irkutsk coals. Elevated concentrations of Ni, which exceed the average value for world coals by an average of 15 times, was determined in the Aransakhoy deposit. Also, the Irkutsk coals are characterized by a weak enrichment of Ge, about 2 times higher average world coal. The studied coals contains elevated concentrations contents of potential environmental hazardous elements (F, Th, Pb), which should be considered during recultivation and waste management. Decrease Pb concentrations in the obtained coal concentrate is noted in comparison with the original coal dump used as the starting material for producing the concentrate, according to the results of studies of the dump and concentrate of the Kasyanovskaya enrichment plant coal.


Irkutsk basin, Coal, Yttrium, Hazardous elements, Enrichment.


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This work involved the Centre of Geodynamics and Geochronology equipment at the Institute of the Earth's Crust, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (grant 075-15-2021-682). The work was founded by Integrated scientific and technical program of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation 075-15-2022-1192 Treatment of tailings of coal processing plants in order to obtain commercial coal concentrate.

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Mikheeva .., Zhilicheva .N., Shtelmakh S.I., Prokopiev .S., Chikisheva ..Valuable and potentially hazardous elements in the coals of the Irkutsk basin and products of processing of coal dumps. Ugol, 2022, (S12), pp. 127-131. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.18796/0041-5790-2022-S12-127-131.

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Received November 1, 2022

Reviewed November 15, 2022

Accepted November 30, 2022