UDC 622.411.3:622.324.5:622.337 K.Yu. Alekseev, E.G. Gorlov, A.V. Shumovsky, 2013

Konstantin Yu. Alekseev
Director of Department for Coal and Peat Industry,
Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Evgeny G. Gorlov
Director, LLC NTTs (Scientific and Technological Centre) - Institute of Fossil Fuels,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Alexandr V. Shumovsky
Deputy Director for Scientific Work,
LLC NTTs - Institute of Fossil Fuels,
Doctor of Engineering

Alternative to Shale Gas Coalmine Methane

Liquefied gas is considered as alternative to natural gas in the short-term prospect, and coalmine gas is considered as the same in the long-term one. However, the coalmine gas production is ecologically rather dangerous and technologically complicated. For Russia, and also for other countries having advanced branches of coal production, this is not development of shale gas fields, but creation of up-to-date coalmine methane recycling techniques is more actual, as this will allow solving of three actual problems: ecological, social and economic ones.

Natural gas, coalmine gas, hydraulic fracturing technology, coalmine methane.

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UDC 622.411.3:622.324.5:622.337 Yu.A. Plakitkin, 2013

Yuri A. Plakitkin
Deputy Director of Institute of Energy Research at the Russian Academy of Science,
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Actual State Councillor of the Russian Federation

Shale Revolution: Possible Scales and Consequences for the Coal Market

The article covers its authors researches relating to forecasted sales of global production of coalmine gas and shale oil. Assessments of possible price line of coalmine gas production by the world regions are resulted. Scales of coalmine gas and shale oil impact on global coal export and Russian coal production and export are evaluated.

Coalmine gas and oil, reserves, prospective production, prices, impact on coal export, US and Chinas production potential, long range variants of oil and coal prices.

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UDC 061.3:622.33:658.8(100) O.I. Glinina, 2013

Olga I. Glinina
Leading Editor of Ugol Magazine,
Mining Engineer

Russia and CIS Coal Summit 2013 in Moscow

The eighth already, annual Russia and the CIS Coal Summit From took place from 14th to 16 the of May of 2013 at Marriott Grand Hotel in Moscow. The Summit was organized by the Adam Smith Institute (UK) and Informa (Australia). This is a key coal industry event, which rounds up principal heads of the leading companies operating in Russia, CIS countries and worldwide. Panel sessions, discussions and presentations of coal industry leaders were held within the summit program. The review covers the most interesting reports and statements of summit participants.

Coal transportation and logistics, global coal market, coal export, coal industry, growth policy, new technologies, modernization.

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UDC 622.457.2:622.457.35 E.A. Kolesnichenko, V.B. Artemyev, I.E. Kolesnichenko, E.I. Lyubomishchenko, 2013

Evgeny A. Kolesnichenko
Chair of Industrial and Environmental Safety Department
of Shakhty Institute (branch), Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Vladimir B. Artemyev
Deputy General Director - Director for Production Operations, OJSC SUEK,
Doctor of Engineering

Igor E. Kolesnichenko
Dean of Technological Faculty of Shakhty Institute (branch),
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Ekaterina I. Lyubomishchenko
Candidate to Environmental Safety Department Chair
of Shakhty Institute (branch)

Normative and Organizational Reasons of Explosive Dead End Atmosphere Formation

The article analyzes the weak points of blind drift explosion safety regulations. Natural processes, which occur in underground conditions, are considered. Results of comparison of parameters of fan operation on the surface and in constraint mining environment are resulted. It is proposed to determine the losses, when calculating fan pressure developed during the blind drift boosting, not only in the fan pipe, but in the network before delivery of extraction coming out from the end into the common mine flow. It is shown that when calculating air flow rate for methane dilution in the drift, its face area flow time must be taken into account. Regularity of lower inflammability concentration limit change and methane blastability in the boundary layer when flowing round the heated up face area obstacles are resulted. It is offered to calculate the air flow rate for dilution of formed coal dust for various heading machine types and removing of the most dangerous fractions beyond the pale of probable thermal energy sources in the face area.

Explosive atmosphere, dead end, methane, regulatory documents, safety, fan.

Contact information
phone: +7 (8636) 26-33-22


UDC 622.267.7:622.268.6 E.I. Nurgaliev, A.E. Mayorov, E.Yu. Rozonov, 2013

Evgeny I. Nurgaliev
General Director
LLC NPK Uprochnenie Gornogo Massiva (rus. - Massif Consolidation)

Alexandr E. Mayorov
Chief of Mining System Simulation Laboratory, Institute of Coal
of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Candidate of Engineering

Evgeny Yu. Rozonov
Technical Director, CJSC "Shakhta Kostromovskaja

Technology of Dome Liquidation with Border Zone Consolidation Using UGM-E
Mineral Mixture. Implementation Experience at CJSC Shakhta Kostromovskaya

The article describes the filling of domes and vug holes using expanding UG-E micro-cement-based mineral mixture with possibility of consolidation of border zone broken rocks, and experience of dome injection filling from the surface. It offers also methods and means for performance of injection works in underground conditions.

Expanding mineral mixture, dome, vug hole, injection, consolidation, stability, safety.

Contact information
e-mail:; phone: +7 (3842) 34-92-09

UDC 622.284.74:622. E.A. Razumov, D.F. Zaytdinov, P.V. Grechishkin, A.S. Pozolotin,
V.A. Grabovsky, 2013

Evgeny A. Razumov
Technical Director, RANK-2 Ltd,

Damir F. Zaytdinov
Deputy Technical Director, RANK-2 Ltd,

Pavel V. Grechishkin
Research Worker of Efficient Coal Field Development Technology Laboratory
of Management Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Candidate of Engineering

Aleksandr S. Pozolotin
Prospective Development Director of RANK-2 Ltd,
Candidate of Engineering

Viktor A, Grabovsky
Leading Mining Engineer, JSC MUK-96

Experience of Supporting Wide Mining Junctions Using
Two-Level Roof Bolting in the Conditions of MUK-96 Mine

The article relates to the experience of supporting up to 20,5 m wide mining junctions in the MUK96 coal mine. The competence of roof and rim rock was provided using two-level roof bolting.

Mining junction; roof bolting; rope bolt.

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UDC 622.281(574.31) V.F. Demin, K.M. Beysembaev, A.D. Mausymbaeva, T.V. Demina, R.A. Musin, 2013

Vladimir F. Demin
Doctor of Engineering, Professor
(Mineral Resource Field Development Department of KarMSU)

Kakim M. Beysembaev
Professor of Chair of Mining Machines and Equipment at KarMSU,
Doctor of Engineering

Aliya D. Mausymbaeva
Senior Teacher of Mineral Field Development Department of KarMSU,
Candidate of Engineering

Tatyana V. Demina
Associate Professor of KarMSU, Candidate of Engineering

Ravil A. Musin
Researcher, Master of Engineering and Mining Techology of
Institut Problem Kompleksnogo Osvoyeniya Nedr Ltd

Technological Design of Support of Mining Junctions, Long Faces
With Adjoining Workings, Auxiliary Workings

The study contains analysis of the pattern of working support using bolts in the mines in the Karaganda coal basin, including technological design of workings.

Passports, working, roof bolting, rope bolt, conveyor plane, Karaganda coal basin

Contact information


UDC 65.011.56:622.272 V.V. Kozlov, 2013

Valery V. Kozlov
Associated Professor of Chair of Mining Machines and Equipment
at Moscow State Mining University

Simulation of Flexible Technological Systems of Second Workings

The article justifies necessity for formalization of organizational and technological task acceptance procedure when simulating flexible technological systems of second workings.

Organizational and technological tasks, simulation of flexible technological systems, second workings, management automation and designing

Contact information
phone: +7 (926) 269 34 32; e-mail:


UDC 621.867.2:622.33.012.2Pokrovskoye Yu.V. Filatov, A.P. Starikov, L.V. Baysarov, S.G. Vasilenko, 2013

Yuri V. Filatov
Chairman of Board Private JSC "Donetskstal" Metalludgichesky Zavod(Steel Works),
Candidate of Engineering

Alexandr P. Starikov
Deputy General Director Private JSC "Donetskstal" Metalludgichesky Zavod(Steel Works),
Candidate of Engineering

Leonid V. Baysarov
General Director, PJSC "Shakhupravlenye Pokrovskoye,
Candidate of Engineering

Sergey G. Vasilenko
Director of Branch Obogatitelnaya Fabrika " Svyato - Varvarinskaya" (Benefication Plant)

New Technology of Coal Transportation of Pokrovskoye
Mine Management Surface Complex

Basic advantage of cable-belt conveyors (CDC) in comparison with traditional belt conveyors and other bulk material conveying equipment consists in ability to surpass hairpin bends of a route of with significant distances, to function on complicated landscapes of surface complexes, to skip intermediate reloading stations along all route of transportation, to provide performance of up to 8000 t/h, to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Implementation of multi-drive technologies has considerably expanded CDC abilities and has allowed to single-set conveyors to provide the mined rock transportation at long distances. Intermediate drives are installed on the conveyor at a prescribed distance from each other given the operating conditions and even load distribution. Application of the unique concept of segregation between drive and transport functions in the CDC system has excluded intermediate overloads during transportation at big distances. Thus, installation of a drive end in any straight portion, both in the head and tail section of the cable-belt conveyor is possible.

Mined rock, cable-belt conveyor, CDC, company, contract, benefication, transport, plant, mine management.

Contact information


UDC 658.58:629.114.4:622.861:622.33.012.3Tugnuysky V.N. Kuletsky, A.I. Kainov, A.V. Gorokhov,
P.P. Jankov, A.V. Galkin, 2013

Valery N. Kuletsky
CEO, OJSC Razrez Tugnuysky

Alexandr I. Kainov
Technical Director, OJSC Razrez Tugnuysky

Andrey V. Gorokhov
Chief of Mining and Transport Division, OJSC Razrez Tugnuysky

Pavel P. Jankov
Deputy Chief of Mining and Transport Division, OJSC Razrez Tugnuysky

Alexey V. Galkin
Researcher, LLC "NIIOGR" (Research Institute),
Candidate of Engineering

Strategy of Labour Safety Improvement Using the Standardization of Procedures
and Operations of Open-pit Dump Trucks: Experience of Tugnuysky Open-pit Mine

The article specifies the results of development of the BelAz-75306 front suspension cylinder replacement standard. It offers the comparative figures characterizing the level of efficiency and safety of the BelAz-75306 front suspension cylinder replacement procedure during repair work under and without the standard. It contains also pictures of structure and standard content.

BelAz-75306 front suspension cylinder replacement standard, technological chart, injury risk charts, open-pit machinery repair.

Contact information

UDC 061.3:658.5:622.8:622.33.012 M.A. Spevakina, 2013

Marina A. Spevakina
Deputy Chief of Mining and Railway Operation Shop,
CJSC Razrez Berezovsky (Open Pit)

To Look Ahead and Act

The article discusses the objectives, course and results of the workshop Operative Injury Risk Management, which considered the issues of improvement of production efficiency and labour safety, and plant, service and site risk management.

Safety and production efficiency, personnel injury risk, motivating and demotivating factors.

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UDC 061.3(100):338.45:331.87:338.911:331.012:338.94 V.P. Ponomarev, 2013

Vladimir P. Ponomarev
Director General of JSC TsNIEIugol,
Doctor of Economics, Professor

Kuzbass Coal, BRICS and new geoeconomic thinking

(notes for the statement at III International Conference BRICS and AFRICA:
Cooperation for Development, Moscow, Russian University of Peoples Friendship, 15 May, 2013)

Problems of the Russias coal industry are apparently too far from the problems of formation of new geoeconomic relations, development of national economies of BRICS countries and world economic science. But, in our era of global changes everything appears to be so closely connected that the statement of Director CNIEIugol (Central Research Institute of Economy and Scientific and Technical Information of the Coal Industry), former Chief Specialist of the USSR State Planning Committee, at the international high level forum on problems of economic development of BRICS countries does not seem to be too fantastic event. Moreover, it caused the certain interest of scientists and practicians of international relations attending the forum at the Russian University of Peoples Friendship in Moscow. The notes for this statement and the information on the forum itself are resulted in this publication.

Kuzbass Coal, BRICS, crisis of orthodox market economic theory, new geoeconomic thinking.

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UDC 622.333.013: V.P. Gurin, G.A. Dunaev, M.V. Sergeev, 2013

Valery P. Gurin
General Director, LLC "Rostovgiproshakht",
Candidate of Engineering

Georgy A. Dunaev
Chief Specialist of Technical Department, LLC "Rostovgiproshakht",
Mining Engineer, Candidate of Engineering

Mikhail V. Sergeev
Chief Specialist of Mining Department, LLC "Rostovgiproshakht",
Mining Engineer - Electrician, Candidate of Engineering

To the Study of Coal Mine Design. Making Design Decisions:
Reality, Substantiation, Estimation

This article analyzes the local task - making design decisions, their qualitative substantiation and estimation by subsystems and integral estimate of technological system of a mine at the initial design stage. The purpose is to detect the general progressiveness of design decisions, formulation of principal provisions of the further designing and detailed elaboration of the project. The method of expert estimates is used. The possibility of wider application of this method in practice of designing is shown.

Designing, decision-making, technological subsystems of the mine, substantiation and estimation, method of expert estimates.

Contact information
phone: +7 (863) 264-59-46; +7 (863) 207-50-50; e-mail:


UDC 622.023.623:622.33(571.56) V.P. Zubkov, P.N. Vasiliev, 2013

Vladimir P. Zubkov
Deputy Director for Scientific Work,
Institute of Mining of the North named after A.Chersky of the Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Science, Candidate of Engineering

Petr N. Vasiliev
Senior Researcher
Institute of Mining of the North named after A.Chersky of the Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Science, Candidate of Engineering

Southern Yakutia Coal Field Rock Jointing

The article specifies the characteristics of Southern Yakutia coal fields. It provides the estimate of rock jointing in Denosovskoye and Chulmakan coal fields. The results of rock jointing in these fields are resulted.

Southern Yakutia, coal fields, rocks, rock jointing.

Contact information
phone: +7 (4112) 39-00-42; e-mail:


UDC 622.693.26:622.826.2 A.R. Litvinov, A.A. Kharionovsky, E.V. Novikova, V.M. Igoshin, 2013

Alexandr R. Litvinov
Head of Division of Department of Coal and Peat Industry,
Ministry of Energy of Russia, Candidate of Engineering

Anatoly A. Kharionovsky
Deputy General Director for Scientific Work
OJSC MNIIEKO TEK, Doctor of Engineering

Elena V. Novikova
General Director, OJSC MNIIEKO TEK

Viktor M. Igoshin
Manager of Recultivation Division, OJSC MNIIEKO TEK

Technologies of Fireproof Waste Heap Formation

The article analyzes the causes of spontaneous inflammation in waste heaps, methods of air permeability reduction and prevention{warning} of spontaneous inflammation of mined rock, and it presents the methods and technologies of waste heap formation providing their fire safety during operation and recultivation work mix.

Waste heaps, spontaneous inflammation, causes, prevention methods, formation technology.

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UDC 622.882:622.693.26 I.V. Zenkov, E.V. Loginova, Ye.V. Kiryushina, V.N. Vokin, O.V. Sibiryakova, 2013

Igor V. Zenkov
Mining Engineer, Doctor of Engineering
Special Engineering and Design Department Nauka of Scientific Design Center of
Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Ekaterina V. Loginova
Postgraduate, Siberian State Technological University

Yelena V. Kiryushina
Senior Teacher of FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalniy Universitet,
Mining Engineer

Vladimir N. Vokin
Candidate of Engineering, Professor of
FGAOU VPO Sibirsky Federalniy Universitet

Olga V. Sibiryakova
Associate Professor of FGAOU VPO Sibirskiy Federalniy Universitet, Candidate of Economics

Substantiation of Introduction of Corrections Into the State Standards for Mining Facility Rock Waste Reclamation

The article substantiates the changes in state standards for mined-land reclamation based on the latest scientific achievements in the field of geoecology in the ore mining and processing industry.

State standards, mined-land reclamation, technical stage of reclamation, changes and updatings.

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UDC 622.765:622.33 Uglyov, 2013

Professor Uglyov

Current Technologies of Coal Slime Flotation Processing

In this article, Professor Uglyov deals with existing floatation machines used for benefication of thin coal slimes both at Russian and foreign coal benefication plants. Based om the consumer characteristics imposed to floatation machines, Professor performs the comparative analysis of variants and forecasts with relation to new generation of the machines, which are under field tests already.

Floatation, coal slime.

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