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Ugol’ No. 06-2024



Appointment of S.E. Tsivilev as Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation


Petrenko I.E.
Russia’s coal industry performance for January – March, 2024


Shchadov Vladimir Mikhailovich (to a 70-anniversary from birthday) Lyannoy Vladimir Fedotovich (to a 95-anniversary from birthday)


Garkavenko Nikolay Ilyich (to a 85-anniversary from birthday)


20 years of reliable mine support


The chronicle. Events. The facts. News


NIIOGR is celebrating its 80th anniversary!

Galkin V.A., Makarov A.M., Kravchuk I.L., Sokolovskiy A.V.
Relationships and interactions in a mining operation



Lokhov D.S. Improving production processes with the WRSL vibrating centrifuge


Distribution of solids on classifying equipment


Islamov S.R.
Deep coal processing: a critical analysis of technologies


Cherkasova T.G., Pilin M.O., Tikhomirova A.V.
Studies of magnetic properties of coal processing wastes from the Berezovskaya Central Processing Plant


Turetskaya N.Yu., Prokopiev E.S., Alekseeva O.L.
Comparative analysis of the washability of the coal mining waste from the Prokopyevskugol Concentrationg Plant and the Kuzbasskaya Central Concentrationg Plant


Shabanov E.A., Cherkasova T.G., Bushuev A.A., Sanarova A.V.
Studying properties of the Kuzbass coal consumption and preparation wastes to be used as feedstock for construction materials manufacturing


Komarova A.G., Chikisheva T.A., Turetskaya N.Yu.
Quality assessment of coal concentrate produced from flotation wastes of Krasnobrodskaya-Koksovaya coal-processing plant


Cherkasova T.G., Nevedrov A.V., Papin A.V.
Studies of quinoline-insoluble substances in coal tar and coal tar pitch



Kuznetsov D.V.
Estimation of the value of the lessee’s real option in the coal industry


Kitova O.V., Dyakonova L.P., Savinova V.M., Fomin K.V.
Forecasting the main economic indicators for coal industry in the analytical system “Horizon”


Shapko Z.K., Galieva N.V., Galiev Zh.K.
Correlation between the financial ratios and the ratios of current asset elements of coal mining companies



Rakhutin M.G., Skvortsov R.D.
Potential to enhance the efficiency of equipment for frozen coal degradation



Rada A.O., Peters K.I., Kuznetsov A.D.
Design of drilling and blasting operations based on a 3D model of a excavation block



Dmitrieva V.V., Dzyuin D.V., Tsoj F.V., Nazarov Yu.
Reliability of a belt conveyor flight with successive repair of failed idlers


Zotov V.V., Kolikov K.S., Guseva I.P., Petsyk A.A., Belyankina O.V.
Regarding the maximum feed rate of the shearer with account of the coal seam gas emission characteristics



Ivanov P.P., Pachkin S.G., Kotlyarov R.V., Ivanova L.A., Mikhailova E.S.
Automation of the continuous coagulant treatment process of open pit wastewaters


Timoshchuk I.V., Mikhaylova E.S., Gorelkina A.K., Neverov E.N., Golubeva N.S., Ivanova L.A.
Technogenic load of Kuzbass coal enterprises on watercourses of the Kemerovo region


Vokin V.N., Zenkov I.V., Trinh Le Hung, Yuronen Yu.P., Kiryushina E.V., Cherepanov E.V., Raevich K.V., Latyntsev A.A., Pavlova P.L., Kuzina L.N., Lunev A.S., Maglinets Yu.A., Sizova T.N.
Research into the influence of geotechnologies on the results of f



Smirnova A.D., Fedotov G.S., Mikhailova T.V.
Geological modeling of the Tutuyasskaya area in Kuzbass in the mining and geological information system Micromine Origin & Beyond



Deryabin I.V.
Effective methods for reducing background acoustic noise during testing of coal crushers



Ponamorenko V.E., Tatarchenko E.A.
The role of international law in ensuring environmental safety of the coal industry



Kiryushina E.V., Zenkov I.V., Trinh Le Hung, Loginova Е.V., Esyakova О.А., Vokin V.N., Cherepanov E.V., Raevich K.V., Latyntsev A.A., Pavlova P.L., Kuzina L.N., Lunev A.S., Maglinets Yu.A., Sizova T.N.
Mining and transport vehicles in surface coal mine



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