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UDC 343.7 © V.A. Shestak, A.D. Tsyplakova, 2023

ISSN 0041-5790 (Print) • ISSN 2412-8333 (Online) • Ugol’ – Russian Coal Journal, 2023, № 4, pp. 89-92

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18796/0041-5790-2023-4-89-92







Shestak V.A.1, Tsyplakova A.D.1


1Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), Moscow, 119454, Russian Federation


Authors Information

Shestak V.A., Doctor of Juridical Science, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminology, shestak.v.a@mgimo.ru

Tsyplakova A.D., LL.B., Master’s Degree Student,  tsyplakova.a.d@my.mgimo.ru



The article examines criminal liability for energy crimes in the United States. The authors have analyzed legal acts of the Federation and the States such as South Dakota, Utah, Texas and Wisconsin. The heterogeneity of regulation and the complex nature of the considered sphere predetermine the scholars’ interest to crimes in the energy sphere. They may be either serious crimes or petty offences (misdemeanor). The authors have tried to outline the specific features of legal norms, especially in terms of penalties. The authors have also attempted to highlight the types of energy offenses on hydrocarbons and other components of the fuel and energy complex and related areas, inter alia safety standards, market manipulation and record and register maintenance.



The USA, Statutory criminal law, Sectoral energy legislation, Environmental protection, Safety standards in coal industry.



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For citation

Shestak V.A. & Tsyplakova A.D. Features of criminalization in the U.S. energy sector. Ugol’, 2023, (4), pp. 89-92. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.18796/0041-5790-2023-4-89-92.


Paper info

Received February 22, 2023

Reviewed February 28, 2023

Accepted March 27, 2023


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