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UDC 622.6 ©N.A. Daniyarov, A.E. Daniyarova, A.K. Kelisbekov, 2022

ISSN 0041-5790 (Print) • ISSN 2412-8333 (Online) • Ugol’ – Russian Coal Journal, 2022, № 1, pp. 63-66

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18796/0041-5790-2022-1-63-66


Professor Grigory Ivanovich Solod - the founding father of the theory for multi-drive conveyor calculations



Daniyarov N.A.1, Daniyarova A.E.2, Kelisbekov A.K.3


1Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Karaganda, 100012, Republic of Kazakhstan

2Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, 100027, Republic of Kazakhstan

3Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University, Zhezkazgan, 100600, Republic of Kazakhstan


Authors Information

Daniyarov N.A., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of Corporate University of Personnel Service, e-mail: nadaniyarov@mail.ru

Daniyarova A.E., PhD (History), Associate Professor, Department of History of Kazakhstan, e-mail: aina171173@mail.ru

Kelisbekov A.K., PhD, Senior Lecturer, e-mail: akelisbekov@mail.ru



The article is dedicated to Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of science and technology of the RSFSR G.I. Solod, the founding father of the theory to calculate multi-drive underground apron and belt-and-chain conveyors, the originator of a new scientific school in mining to control and forecast the quality level of mining equipment. Professor G.I. Solod developed the foundations of the theory for multi-drive conveyor calculations, which were included in textbooks, scientific and technical literature, normative documents and regulations. Based on the method he proposed for structural formation and structural systematization by functional feature of systems and means of mechanization of technological processes and equipment in mining and machine building operations, an expert-independent methodology has been created to assess and predict the quality of mining equipment.



Solod G.I., Coal industry, Mine transport, Multi-drive conveyors, Calculation theory, Control and forecasting the mining equipment quality.



1. Radkevich Ya.M. To the 80th Anniversary of G.I. Solod. Milestones of his life and creative development. Gornyj informacionno-analiti?eskij b?lleten?, 2002, (1), pp. 12-19. (In Russ.).

2. Solod G.I. Assessment of mining equipment quality. Moscow, MGI Publ., 1978, 72 p. (In Russ.).

3. Solod G.I. & Radkevich Ya.M. Control of mining equipment quality. Moscow, MGI Publ., 1985, 92 p. (In Russ.).

4. Solod G.I. Fundamentals of qualimetry. Moscow, MGI Publ., 1991, 84 p. (In Russ.).

For citation

Daniyarov N.A., Daniyarova A.E. & Kelisbekov A.K. Professor Grigory Ivanovich Solod - the founding father of the theory for multi-drive conveyor calculations. Ugol’, 2022, (1), pp. 63-66. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.18796/0041-5790-2022-1-63-66.


Paper info

Received July 22, 2021

Reviewed November 21,2021

Accepted December 15, 2021


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