UDC 622.235:622.3.012.3(571.1) A.G. Belyaev, M.F. Nabiulin, 2013

Alexandre G. Belyaev
General Director, LLC Azot-Chernigovets

Marcel F. Nabiulin
Deputy General Director, LLC Azot-Chernigovets

Experience of LLC Azot-Chernigovets: Use of DAVEYTRONIC Electronic
Blast Systems in Mining Facilities

The use of electronic blast systems by LLC Azot-Chernigovets during 2011-2013 in mine facilities of Kenerovo and Novossibirsk regions allowed to increase mine mass yield from a running meter up to 17%, reduce specific flow of explosives, reduce emissions of dust and gaseous explosion products, mitigate direct-transmitted shock effect of mass blastings being made, improve significantly the safety of blasting operations.

LLC Azot-Chernigovets, DAVEYTRONIC Electronic Blast System, Production of Industrial Explosives,   Blasting Operation Safety, Direct-Transmitted Shock Effect, Mining Facilities.

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UDC 622.267.7:622.268.6 E.I. Nurgaliev, V.N. Shmat, .. Mayorov, 2013

Evgueny I. Nurgaliev
General Director,
LLC Research and Production Company Uprocheniye Gornogo Massiva

Vladimir N. Shmat
Director, Imeny 7 Noyabrya Mine of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

lexandre . Mayorov
Chief of Laboratory of mining system simulation at
The Coal Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Engineering

Efficient Technologies of Massive Strengthening for Longwall Set of Equipment
Passing Through Mine Workings

The article introduces the new prospective technique of longwall set of equipment passing through branches, improving significantly the coal production safety and efficiency. The approved idea consists in a traversable working of longwall strengthened zones made of the specific UGM-R mineral compound-based foamed concrete, which rehabilitates the massive bearing capacity, minimizes manual labour and probability of roof collapse in the area of support pressure effect. It describes the mine implementation experience, suggests alternative variants of technique combined with anchors.

Longwall Set of Equipment Passing, Mineral Mixture, Strengthening, Tamping, Durability, Safety, Efficiency.

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UDC 622:831.22 V.V. Klimov, .V. Remezov, 2013

Viktor V. Klimov
Chief Engineer, Imeny 7 Noyabrya Mine of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass

natoly V. Remezov
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of Chair at RMPS KuzGTU

Results of the Study of Upper Roof-caving Increment Value During Extraction
of Tolmachevsky Seam in the Dip-working Panel 18-2 Within the Licensed
Limits of Polysayevskaya Mine When Managing Extraction Pillars in Ascending

The article describes briefly the results of the field studies dedicated to determining of the support pressure developed by the breaking face depending on an upper roof-caving increment, including in the rock pressure zones with a view to determine reasonable location of a disassembly chamber in order to perform the safe disassembly of engine driven complex.

Mining Work, Second Working, Support Rock Pressure, Upper Roof-Caving Increment, Safe Disassembly of Engine Driven Complex.

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UDC 061.45:622.3(100) .I. Glinina, 2013

Olga I. Glinina
Leading Editor of Ugol Magazine,
Mining Engineer

XX International Specialized Exhibition Ugol Russia and Mining and IV Specialized
Exhibition Security, Industrial and Personal Safety: Summary, Events and Facts

The 20th International Ugol Russia and Mining Trade Fair recognized as the world show No 1 related to underground mining techniques, and the 4th Labour and Life Activity Protection and Safety Trade Fair took place from June 4 to June 7 in Novokuznetsk in Kuzbasskaya Yarmarka Exhibition Complex. Organizers of the events are two exhibition companies - Kuzbasskaya Yarmarka and Messe Duesseldorf GmbH (Germany). High level of Coal forum is confirmed by Signs of the largest exhibition associations: UFI Universal Fair Industry and RUEF Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. Since 2003, this project has been taking place under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The article reviews the firms-participants of the Ugol Russia and Mining Trade Fair and their exhibits equipment displayed in the fair.

Key words
Mining Equipment, Mining Firms, Fair, Labour Protection, Safety.

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UDC 061.3:622.861:658.3:658.387 .B. Kilin, V.. Azev, G.N. Shapovalenko, S.N. Radionov,
I.L. Kravchuk, A.L. Zhukov, 2013

lexey B. Kilin
Chief Executive Officer, LLC SUEK-Khakasia, Candidate of Engineering

Vladimir . Azev
Deputy CEO Technical Director, LLC SUEK-Khakasia, Candidate of Engineering

Guennady N. Shapovalenko
Director, Chernogorsky Open Pit of LLC SUEK-Khakasia, Candidate of Engineering

Sergey N. Radionov
Chief Engineer, Chernogorsky Open Pit of LLC SUEK-Khakasia

Igor L. Kravchuk
Director for Mine Production Safety, LLC NIIOGR, Doctor of Engineering

Alexndre L. Zhukov
Chief of Laboratory, LLC NIIOGR, Candidate of Engineering

On Keeping Production Situation at an Acceptable Level of Personnel Injury Risk

The paper shows the principal results of the workshop-meeting on methods of detection of a stage of development of hazardous production situation and its keeping at an acceptable level of personnel injury risk which took place in LLC SUEK-Khakasia on September 17-19, 2013.

Hazardous Production Situation, Methods if its Detection and Keeping; Acceptable Level of Personnel Injury Risk; Functionals and Professionalism of Line Personnel and Employees of Work Safety Service and Production Control.

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phone: +7 (39031) 6-40-16; e-mail:;
phone: +7 (351) 265-73-49; e-mail:

UDC 622.817.47 LLC NPP Zavod MDU, 2013


Possibility of Application of MDU-type Modular Degassing Units as Gas-suction
Plants (GSP)

The article presents a new pumping model developed by LLC NPP Zavod modulnykh degazatsionnykh ustanovok especially for cas management in mine working area.

Gas-Suction Plants, Degassing, Working Area Gas Management, Firedamp.

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e-mail:; phone: +7 (3843) 991-991


UDC 658.3-057:622.271 V.N. Popov, Yu.G. Gribin, I.I. Mokhnachuk, 2013

Vladimir N. Popov
Doctor of Economical Science, Professor (OJSC TsNIEIugol)

Yury G. Gribin
Doctor of Economical Science, Professor (OJSC TsNIEIugol)

Ivan I. Mokhnachuk
Chaiman of Rosugleprof (Russian Coal Trade Union), Candidate of Economic Science

Evaluation of Labour Complexity, Severity and Attractiveness Base of Scientific
Designing of Professional Standards of Workers During Coal Open-cut Mining

The article is dedicated to the issues of necessity of generalization and use of the know-how in the field of evaluation of worker labour complexity, severity and attractiveness, when designing professional standards in open pit minings of the coal industry when determining the qualification level.

Labour Complexity, Severity and Attractiveness, Tariffication, Classification, Professional Standards.

Contact information
phone: +7 (495) 777-18-71


UDC 622.831.32:550.348.42 D.V. Yakovlev, T.I. Lazarevich, S.V. Tsirel, 2013

Dmitry V. Yakovlev
General Director, OJSC VNIIMI, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Tamara I. Lazarevich
Director, Kemero Representative Office of OJSC VNIIMI, Candidate of Engineering

Sergey V. Tsirel
Leading Researcher, OJSC VNIIMI, Doctor of Engineering

Genesis and Development of Kuzbass Natural and Technogenic Seismic Activity

(The work is performed within the framework of the government contract No 14.515.11.0082 on order
of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

The article shows that the Kuzbass seismicity, since 1960-s., has been having a complicated natural-technogenic character. Since the late 1980-s, the natural-technogenic activity has been passing into the second stage - swarms of seismic events and strong shallow earthquakes in regions of higher concentration of mining operations. The most dramatic event of such kind was a Richter magnitude 5,3-5,6 earthquake occurred on 19.06.2013 near the Bachatsky open pit.

Seismic Events, Earthquakes, Open Pits, Mining Operations, Repeatability Schedule, Deep-Seated Faults, Network of Earthquake-Detection Stations, Longitudinal and Transversal Waves, Geodynamic Monitoring.

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UDC 622.281(574.32) V.F. Demin, V.S. Portnov, R.. Musin, .D. Mausymbaeva, V.V. Demin, 2013

Vladimir F. Demin
Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU, Doctor of Engineering

Vasily S. Portnov
Director of Department for Educational Process Organization at KarGTU,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Ravil . Musin
Researcher, Master of Mining Technology
LLP Institut Problem Kompleksnogo Osvoyenya Nedr

lia D. Mausymbaeva
Senior Lecturer, Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU, Candidate of Engineering

Vitaly V. Demin
Chief Miner for Safety, UD ArselorMittal Temirtau,
Assistant Professor of Chair Exploitation of Mineral Deposits at KarGTU,

Interaction of Anchor Types with Adjacent Strata Near Working from Mining Conditions

The article presents the results of comparative studies for detection of anchor support serviceability.

Roof Bolting, Mine Working, Rock Pressure, Stressed-Deformed State, Karaganda Coal Basin.

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UDC 622.794.4:622.33 Uglev, 2013

Professor Uglev

Prospects of Use of Thermal Coal Driers in New Preparation Plant Projects

In this article, Professor Uglev presents his review of application of thermal coal driers. Description of this technology use in the North America is based on the materials submitted by G.William Kalb international CPSA representative, key professional expert in this direction. The issues discussed in the article will be of interest to many coal industry specialists.

Thermal drying of coal, coal concentrate dehydration, fluid-bed drying, tube dryer.

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UDC 622.85:622.826.2 O.G. Ishkhneli, A.V. Limansky, G.Ya. Voronkov, 2013

Otari G. Ishkhneli
Deputy General Director Scientific and Tecnical Director
OJSC NNTs GP - IGD im. .. Skochinskogo

Alexandre V. Limansky
Director of the Mining Practice Ecology Centre, Candidate of Engineering

Georgy Y. Voronkov
Leading Researcher, OJSC NNTs GP - IGD im... Skochinskogo, Doctor of Engineering

Pollution Abatement During Removal of Coal Waste Heaps

The article analyses the proposals and measures on mitigation of negative effect of burning and burning-prone waste heaps on environmental ecology by way of their controlled incineration.

Environment Pollution, Carbon-Bearing Piles, Ecology, Controlled Incineration, Waste Pile.

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UDC 622.85:622.882.003 I.V. Zenkov, B.N. Nefedov, O.V. Sibiryakova, E.V. Kiriushina, V.N. Vokin, 2013

Igor V. Zenkov
Doctor of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash,
Special Design and Production Engineering Office Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Boris N. Nefedov
Candidate of Engineering, Berdsk Branch of Berdskstroymash
Special Design and Production Engineering Office Nauka, KNTs of Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Olga V. Sibiryakova
Assistant Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet, Candidate of Economic Science

Elena V. Kiriushina
Senior Lecturer, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Vladimir N. Vokin
Professor, FGAOU VPO Sibirski Federalny Universitet,
Candidate of Engineering

Rehabilitation Economics. Technology of Execution of Works on Recultivated Waste
Heap Return to the Agricultural Cycle

The article presents an algorithm of assessment of costs connected with return of previously recultivated coal open pit waste heaps to agricultural cycle; it draws a conclusion on economical inexpediency of application of available mining soil recultivation technologies.

Coal Open Pits, Rock Piles, Soil Recultivation, Recultivation Economics, Agricultural Direction of Recultivation.

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