УГОЛЬ № 6-2009



LLC "PROMTEK" (Ekaterinburg)

MPV JSC “POISK, А.S.” (Anthracite, Ukraine)

Versatile industrial JSC “POISK, A.S.” 15 years in the market mining equipment

Mobile installations and pneumatic pumps for откачки mine water are presented mobile extraction of gas PDU-50M intended for decontamination of coal layers, containing breeds and the developed space in underground conditions and from a surface, and also.
Keywords: decontamination, extraction of gas installations, recycling of mine methane, pneumopumps,

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LLC "SPK-Styk" (Novokuznetsk)

"VOLCANO " mechanical connection of conveyor tapes

New types of connections of the conveyor tapes, developed LLC "SPK-Styk”, namely "Volcano" - mechanical connection rubber and fabric conveyor tapes (“Cold vulcanization by means of mechanical connectors”) are described. "Volcano" is alternative of the glutinous and vulcanized connections, is applied to creation of joints of high durability. The typical scheme of joining is presented. Also it is presented developed by company "SPK-Styk” and the connection started in manufacture "Volcano-blitz" for the accelerated connection of conveyor tapes at mine works, and also for repair of longitudinal cuts of all types of tape cloths.
Keywords: a conveyor tape, mechanical connection of conveyor tapes, vulcanization of conveyor tapes.

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UDC 621.63«VC-25M»

Gorshkov Oleg Vladimirovich
Assistant to general director on strategic questions of OJSC "AMZ "VENTPROM"

Kutaev Vitaly Ivanovich
Main designer of OJSC "AMZ "VENTPROM"

Starikov Alexander Petrovich
Chairman of board of directors MPO "Kuzbass"

Snizhko Valery Dmitrievich
Vice-president of board of OJSC "Mine «Zarechnaja» on perspective development

Modernization of fan VTS-25M with the purpose of increase of productivity

The scheme of modernization of the mine fan of main airing VC-25M of manufacture of Artemovskij a machine-building factory «VENTPROM» is described. Constructive and technical advantages of the modernized fan are resulted.
Keywords: the fan, driving wheel, aerodynamic characteristics, mine ventilation.

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UDC 338.911:331.012:658.155:622.33.012«SUEK»

Artemyev Vladimir Borisovich
Assistant to the general director - director on industrial operations of OJSC "SUEK", doctor tech. sciences

Kilin Alexey Bogdanovich
General director of LLC “SUEK-Khakassia"

Galkin Vladimir Alekseevich
General director of OJSC "Scientific and technological centre - NIIOGR", doctor tech. sciences, professor

Problems of formation of an innovative control system of efficiency and safety of manufacture in conditions of financial crisis

In article the urgency of innovative activity in conditions of financial crisis is described. Experience of company "SUEK" on formation of an innovative control system by efficiency and safety of manufacture is analyzed and the basic problems constraining this process come to light.
Keywords: an innovation, the personnel, coal-mining enterprise, management, a production efficiency.

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UDC 331.87:338.911:622.33.012

Poleshchuk Marina Nikolaevna
Engineer of OJSC "Scientific and technological centre - NIIOGR"

Algorithm of formation and functioning of innovative groups of the coal-mining enterprise

The algorithm of formation and functioning of innovative groups of the coal-mining enterprise which application allows to raise accuracy of planning and efficiency of realization of an innovation is developed.
Keywords: innovative group, realization of innovations, sociolabor attitudes.

Contact -e-mail: niiogr@bk.ru

UDC 338.45:658.155:622.33.012«Zarechnaja»

Starikov Alexander Petrovich
Chairman of board of directors MPO "Kuzbass"

Haritonov Vitaly Gennadevich
General director of Coal company “Mine «Zarechnaja»

Development of scientifically-methodical base and realization of directions of innovative development of the coal company

In article the essence of innovative model of technological development and a way of becoming in conditions of the market of one of the advanced industrial formations of branch - Coal company "Mine «Zarechnaja» are considered. The complex parameter of an estimation of economic efficiency of a coal-mining production association in modern conditions is offered, methods of management are recommended by innovative processes at formation of innovative programs, development and an estimation of efficiency of investment processes.
Keywords: innovative model, economic efficiency, investment processes, coal company "Mine «Zarechnaja».

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Glinina Olga Ivanovna
Leading editor of “Ugol” magazine, mining engineer

Prospects and potential of the Russian markets of coal. On results of 4-th international conference “Coaltrans Russia 2009”

Conference “Coaltrans” has returned to Russia during an astable condition of the international coal markets, giving to participants a valuable opportunity to estimate prospect and potential of the Russian markets - both internal, and export - in conditions of a changeable international business climate. At conference “Coaltrans Russia 2009” the most essential questions for today and problems with which has collided were considered and still the coal industry of Russia will collide. The basic theme of discussion became a global economic situation, and more than 40 lecturers shined problems which this situation puts before us. In the review the basic performances and reports of participants of conference - leading experts from the various countries are presented all.
Keywords: coal industry, market of coal, an economic crisis, prices for coal, transport of coal and logistics.

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Tarazanov Igor Gennadjevich
General director, assistant to editor-in-chief of “Ugol” magazine, mining engineer

Results of work of the coal mining industry of Russia for January-March, 2009

On the basis of statistical, technical and economic and industrial parameters the state-of-the-art review of results of work of the coal industry of Russia for January-March, 2009 is presented. The review is accompanied by diagrams, tables and extensive statistical data.
Keywords: coal mining, economy, productivity, processing of coal, market of coal, delivery, export and import of coal, breakdown susceptibility and mine traumatism.

Contact - е-mail: ugol1925@mail.ru


UDC 622.831.1.016.62

Nikolsky Alexander Mihajlovich
Chief engineer of projects of OJSC "Sibgiproshacht", competitor IGDthe Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

Geomechanical an estimation of the intense condition of a decreasing sight at the approach of a lava to the dismantling chamber

Results of mathematical modelling of the intense condition of a decreasing sight are stated at the approach of a lava to the dismantling chamber. The estimation of an opportunity of effective development of a method of the directed hydrobreak for management of a roof is executed.
Keywords: dismantling chamber, a sight, directed hydrobreak, management of a roof.

Contact - e-mail: tards@mail.ru


UDC 333:622.882:622.271.003.1

Zenkov Igor Vladimirovich
FGOU VPO “Siberian federal university”, cand. tech. science

Voronova Ekaterina Ivanovna
Student GOU VPO “Branch of the Siberian state space university of a name of academic of M.F. Reshetnev”

Economic a substantiation of transition to new model of land tenure in coal-mining regions of Siberia

In article calculation of balance of land tenure in conditions of the open coal output in two strategic directions of withdrawal of the grounds is resulted: rekultivation created (a classical direction) and culture technical land reclamation in contours of processable fields with drawing on cleared away sites of a fertile layer of the ground which has been removed in contours of mining taps. Decrease in payments for the agricultural grounds withdrawn from a turn at a rate of 1,0-1,2 billion rbl. for the 10-years period in a format of one large coal corporation can be reached at transition to new model of land tenure.
Keywords: opencust, withdrawal and restoration of grounds, model of land tenure, decrease in ground payments.

Contact - e-mail: zenkoviv@mail.ru


GU "Sotsugol" informs:

Situation on labour markets of coal-mining territories

It is presented it is information-state-of-the-art review about a situation on labour markets in coal-mining territories. As of 01.05.2009 in the coal industry are dismissed 12,9 thousand person (or 8,3 % of average number on the beginning of year), 14,3 thousand person Incomplete working hours, number of the workers who are being idle time on fault of administration work, 1,9 thousand person makes. From are dismissed workers it is employed only 12,2%, basically on branches of the coal companies. For this period 2009 has made weekly average rate of liberation of workers of branch 807 person. The review is accompanied by tables and diagrams with statistical data.
Keywords: employment of population, a labour market, coal industry.

Contact - e-mail: gvd@sotsugol.ru


Grun Valery Dmitrievich
(GU "Sotsugol")

Interview with Mark Burshtejn

90 lived years - not a record of longevity, and 66 years of work in one branch - can be too not a unique case, but one of the rare. So much years live and Mark Aleksandrovich Burshtejn whom we have congratulated on these achievements in May number of our magazine works in the coal industry. And today we have asked of Mark Aleksandrovich to answer our questions in a new heading «Coal-mining heritage». The historical heritage is not only museum values, first of all, it is the deserved people who create history.
Keywords: a historical heritage, coal industry, museum values.

Contact - e-mail: gvd@sotsugol.ru


UDC 622.85:622.33:658.26

Krasnoshtejn Arcady Evgenevich
Doctor tech. sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science
(College of mines UrOthe Russian Academy of Science)

Zakirov Danir Galemzjanovich
Doctor tech. sciences (College of mines UrO the Russian Academy of Science), general director of Association Power the Western Urals

Power and environmental problems of development of the coal industry and a way of their decision

In article in detail shined power and environmental problems of development of the coal industry of Russia and ways of their decision are offered. Problems of increase power efficiency and preservations of the environment are considered within the limits of coal-power enterprise, creation of own sources of electric power, introduction power technologies, use of secondary power resources, mine methane, mine water. The basic technical directions on realization of principles ecology the enterprises of coal industry are developed and formulated.
Keywords: ecology, an environment, power, efficiency, coal industry.

Contact - e-mail: awup@perm.ru